Experience Room
site-specific sound installation


The Experience Room is a permanent sound installation that gives the audience an impression, feeling of life during occupation at WOI. The room is part of a permanent exhibition on the groundfloor of the Engelenburcht in Tildonk, a former monastery which was occupied during WOI. 
In this part of the exhibition, the Experience Room, the visitor had to become an active part of the story. In this installation he is the eavesdropper standing in the space, feeling desolate, where 'things' unfold around him, seeping into the room. We decided to create an auditory presence that could constantly shift into two directions, into something neutral or into something threatening, uncomfortable.

Lecture / Publication
The installation was presented in the form of a lecture, "Sound As An Immersive Experience" at the Bonn University during the conference “Musik ausstellen: Re/Präsentationen von Musik und Sound in musealen Kontexten.

(to be published)


Concept, Sound Recording, Sound Installation: Els Viaene
Production House: Madoc
Tuning in Space: Johan Vandermaelen
Chair Object: Jeroen Van der Fraenen
Text and Voice: Ruth Becquaert
Advisor: Randall Caesar
Video: Tomas Hendriks