Els Viaene (°1979, Belgium) started her work as a sound artist / field recordist in 2001. With a set-up of two small microphones she listens, zooms into and enlarges the aural landscapes surrounding us. The natural rhythms and textures of the sounds hidden in those landscapes form the basis of her work.

Working on these sound materials for performances, sound compositions or installations she makes the listeners travel in imaginary and organic environments.

Through the specific use and set-up of sound within a space her installations create new spaces within existing ones, either emphasizing or making dissapear the physical borders of that space. In doing so she often plays with the notions of seeing and hearing, the perception of what we see and hear and how both interfere.


_“Media Art And Digital Culture In Flanders Belgium”
published by BAM (flemish institute for visual, audiovisual and media art)

_“Audioframes; 6 years of audiovisual presentation”
published by Happy New Ears

_“Autumn Leaves; Sound And The Environment In Artistic Practice
published by Crisap

_“Annual 2006, Netwerk/Center for contemporary art”
published by Arts Centre Netwerk

_“X-MED-A” experimental media arts
published by Okno, FoAM, Nadine, iMAL

Performance / Installations / Lectures

_Vibrant Matter
sound installation, part of "The State of Things", Imal, Brussels (BE)
_Vibrant Matter sound installation, part of "Kikk festival", Namen (BE)
_ Listening Dune
– permanent sound installation in ambisonic format together with Chris Watson at Zwin (BE)
_An Archive, A Memory
– group exhibition and publication with 4 artists and 1 writer, Oscar Van den Boogaard, bases on a visit to Gdansk (PL)

_I Think I'm A Paper research for new installation, Werktank (BE)
_The Mamori Expedition
sound installation, part of "Plunc festival' Lisbon (PT)
– sounds installation, part of "Meanwhile ... The City" at Laznia, Gdansk (PL)

_Sound As An Immersive Experience – lecture at conference Bonn university “Musik ausstellen: Re/Präsentationen von Musik und Sound in musealen Kontexten.
_The Mamori Expedition – sound installation part of “File Festival” Sao Paulo, Brazil
_The Two Directions of Listening – masterclass, Herculeslab Kask

_Vibrant Matter – artistic research funded by VGC Brussels
_Soft Boundary – audiovisual work (magnifier, print, sound) part of “Dropouts” exhibition M-Museum
_The Mamori Expedition – sound installation part of “Private Investigations” exhibition Beursschouwburg and “Storm op Komst” exhibition Warande

_Sound As Space (CZ) – workshop at Skolska 28 as part of Soundlab Prague and Sounds of Europe
_Le Temps Immobile (BE) – multichannel performance - Netwerk Arts Centre
_Follow Me Inside Out (BE) – performance for cello and live-processing – Happy New Festival – Commissioned by Spor Festival (DK)
_The Swamp That Was_A Bicycle Opera (BE) – collaboration Kaffe Matthews for GPS-guided bicycle project – co-production Timelab, Vooruit, Smak
_Canopy Beat_Soundtrack of the Rainforest (FR) – Gaîté Lyrique _ Honorary Mention Prix Phonurgia Nova
_Canopy Beat_Soundtrack of the Rainforest (BE) – Bozar (Palais des Beaux Arts) _ set-up in black box
_Land Surface (UK) – composition selected and released on The Wire_Below The Radar

_Canopy Beat_Soundtrack of the Rainforest (BE) – two channel set-up in a black box as part of Bozar Night Brasil.
_Drawing Of a Landscape_Sahara Lommel (BE) – site-specific composition on the region of the Sahara in Lommel.
_Le Temps Immobile (BE) – sound performance at Field Fest. Set-up of 5 speakers in the spaces surrounding the performance space.
_Airstream (DE) – Outdoor sound performance in the wastelands of Tallinn _ commissioned by Tuned City; Sonic Landmarks, official program of the European Cultural Capital Tallinn
_Summercamp Electrified (BE) – residency at Timelab Ghent / reclaiming public space. Creation of two new works: “Skywalker” & “Memories of a River”
_Sound As Space (BE) – workshop at Nadine togehter with Lilia Mestre
_Follow Me Inside Out (DK) – composition for cello and live-processing – commissioned by Spor festival / performed with Claire Goldfarb.
_Soundkitchen (UK) – sound performance together with Annie Mahtani
_Courent d'Air (BE) – sound installation and performance together with François Martig during Q-O2 residency.
_Vibrant Particles (BE/ES) – live performance on podcast for Arteleku Audiolab – created together with Yves De Mey.