Els Viaene (°1979, Belgium) started her work as a sound artist / field recordist in 2001. With a set-up of two small microphones she listens, zooms into and enlarges the aural landscapes surrounding us. The natural rhythms and textures of the sounds hidden in those landscapes form the basis of her work.

Working on these sound materials for performances, sound compositions or installations she makes the listeners travel in imaginary and organic environments. Through the specific use and set-up of sound within a space her installations create new spaces within existing ones, either emphasizing or making dissapear the physical borders of that space.

In doing so she often plays with the notions of seeing and hearing, the perception of what we see and hear and how both interfere.



2022   "Das Raunen Der Sammlung", Kunstmuseum Bochum, Bochum (D)
           "The Sound Is Where", Kemnade Klingt, Bochum (D)
           "Magie, Machines, Medias", Saint-Ex Reims, Reims (FR)
           "Le Murmure des Dieux", Bon Accueil, Rennes (FR)
           "Biennale Le Mans Sonore", Le Mans Sonore, Le Mans (FR)
2019   Parcours d'exhibition, Interstice Festival, Caen (FR)
2018   "Sound Art to Object", Biënnale Interieur & Wilde Westen, Kortrijk (B)
           "Mois Multi", Recto Verso, Québec (CA)
           "Storm op Komst", De Warande, Turnhout (B)
2017   "Bruits Blancs", Anis Gras, Paris (FR)
           "Augsburger Kunstlabor", Lab30, Augsburg (D)
           "Albanova", Musica, Alden-Biesen (B)
2016   "The State of Things", iMal, Brussels (B)
           Parcours d'exhibition, KIKK Festival, Namur (B)
           "Vorig jaar in Gdansk", Blanco Nucleo, Gent (B)
2015   "On The Shores", PLUNC Festival, Lisbon (PT)
           "Meanwhile ... The City", Laznia, Gdansk (P)
2014   Exhibition, FILE Festival, Sao Paulo (BR)
2013   "Dropouts", M-Museum, Leuven (B)
           "Private Investigations", Beursschouwburg, Brussels (B)
           "Storm op Komst", De Warande, Turnhout (B)
2010   "Musik für Barbaren und Klassiker", Netwerk, Aalst (B)


2021   "Ways of Seeing Sound", Lydgalleriet, Bergen (NO)
2019   "Aural Landscape", Bon Accueil, Rennes (FR)


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2015 - Honorary Mention Jury Selection, 18th Japan Media Arts Festival
2012 - Honorary Mention Prix Phonurgia Nova, Gaîté Lyrique
2009 - Qwartz Electronic Music Award


2020   Masterclass Field Recording, La Semaine du Son, Flagey, Brussels (B)
2019   Masterclass On Listening, EPAS, Kask, Ghent (B)
2017   Masterclass Experiencing Sound through Space, UGhent Architecture (B)
           Workshop Sound and Space, EPAS, Kask, Ghent (B)
           Masterclass On Listening, EPAS, Kask, Ghent (B)
           Masterclass Binaural Recording, HOWEST, Kortrijk (B)
           Artist Talk, Prima Materia, Fiber Festival, Amsterdam (NL)
2016   Workshop Sound and Space, EPAS, Kask, Ghent (B)
           Masterclass On Listening, EPAS, Kask, Ghent (B)
2014   Lecture Sound As An Immersive Experience (D), Conference Bonn
“Musik ausstellen: Re / Präsentationen von Musik und Sound in
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           Lecture Artist Talk, Instituto Europeo di Design, Sao Paulo (BR)
           Masterclass The Two Directions of Listening, Hercules Lab, Kask, Ghent (B)
2012   Workshop Sound As Space, Soundlab Prague and Sounds of Europe,
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2011   Workshop Sound As Space, Lilia Mestre and Nadine vzw, Brussels (B)
2009   Workshop Sound/Space/Relation, Lilia Mestre and a.pass, Antwerp (B)


2019   A point in time, binaural, Oscillations Festival, Q-O2, Brussels (B)
2018   A point in time, binaural, Alte Schmiede & Kunstradio, Vienna (AT)
           A point in time, binaural, Tilburg University, Tilburg (NL)
           Potamoi, binaural, Tuned City "Listening Politics", Messene (GR)
2014   Drawing of a Landscape, Velak Gala, Atelier Claus, Brussels (B)
2013   Absence, live radio, Ars Acustica Musique 3, Flagey, Brussels (B)
2012   Le Temps Immobile, multichannel, Netwerk, Aalst (B)
           Follow Me Inside Out, cello and live-processing, Festival Van Vlaanderen,
           Kortrijk (B)
2011   Le Temps Immobile, multichannel, Field Fest, Q-O2, Brussels (B)
           Airstream, outdoor quadrophonic, Tuned City Sonic Landmarks, Tallinn (EE)
           Follow Me Inside Out, cello and live-processing, Spor festival, Aarhus (DK)
           Mamori, collaboration Annie Mahtani, Soundkitchen, Birmingham (UK)
           Courent d'Air, multichannel, collaboration François Martig, Q-O2, Brussels (B)
           Vibrant Particles, live on podcast, Arteleku Audiolab, Bera (ES)
            Live-In-Room, installation/performance, collaboration Lilia Meste, Ganz Novi
            festival, Zagreb (HR)
2010   Secret Life, multichannel, Museum of Natural Sciences, Brussels (B)
           Live-In-Room, installation/performance, collaboration Lilia Mestre, Szene
, Salzburg (AT)
2009   Live-In-Room, installation/performance, collaboration Lilia Mestre, Working
           Title festival, Beursschouwburg, Brussels (B)
           The Glasshouse, installation/performance, collaboration with François Martig,
           Happy New Ears festival, Kortrijk (B)
2008   Forever Young, live radio, Art's Birthday Musique 3, Brussels (B)
           Friction, stereo set-up, Velak Gala, Konzerthaus, Wien (AT)
2007   An Imaginary Place for Invisible Sounds, headphone, Art's Birthday,
           Okno (B)
2006   Exploring The Room, quadrophonic in white cube with live generated   
           graphics, collaboration with Eavesdropper and Petersonic, Mediaruimte,
           Brussels (B)
           What's in a name, live processing and piano, collaboration with Johan
           Hoogewijs, Netwerk, Aalst (B)
           Black Box, heaphones and multiple speakers, V2, Rotterdam (NL)
2003   Shine, stereo set-up, Netwerk, Aalst (B)