Listening Dune
site-specific sound installation


The Listening Dune is a permanent sound installation created specifically for the renewed Zwin park. As visitors travel from the Australian rainforest to the Arctic, they are guided by bird sounds that have been recorded all around the world. Using full-sphere surround sound techniques, an acousic map of the world traces the migration patterns of different bird species in different surroundings. The compositions evoke an immersive spatial listening experience simulating the life of migrating birds.

The installation is a unique collaboration between the international renowned wildlife recordist Chris Watson (UK) and the Belgian sound artist Els Viaene.

Location Uitkerkse Polder, Belgium, Winter
Hundreds or even thousands of greylag and greater whitefronted geese spend the winter in the Zwin's Kleyne Vlakte. Also found here is the widgeon, the only duck that can whistle. In the Uitkerkse Polder, curlews and oystercatchers, common redshanks and black-headed gulls, meadow pipits, wrens and herring gulls can be heard.

Sound recordings: Chris Watson, Els Viaene
Spatialisation: Prof. Tony Myatt
System engineer: Johan Vandermaelen

With the kind support of Bowers & Wilkins