Workshop: 19th April 2017
"Experiencing Space through Sound"
Department Architecture & Urban Planning University Ghent
Location: Herculeslab KASK

Lecture: 12th May 2017
Fiber Festival Amsterdam - Prima Materia

Exhibition: 25th June 2017
Timekabinet at the Albanova Festival


Vibrant Matter: Sound Installation 2016


Storm Op Komst (BE) - Cultuurhuis De Warande - March 2017
The State of Things (BE) - iMAL - November / December 2016
Interferences (BE) - KIKK - November 2016

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Listening Dune: Site-Specific Sound Installation  2016


Collaboration with Chris Watson
Location: Zwin Nature Park

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Last year in Gdańsk: Group Exhibition and Publication 2016


With Line Boogaerts, Frank Depoorter, Lore Rabaut, Oscar van den Boogaard
Production: Nucleo - Publication: Topo Copy

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