Vibrant Matter
Sound Installation 2016

Premiere: KIKK festival 3 nov - 12 nov
Next: Imal 17 nov - 18 dec

A trip to Iceland forms the origin of this project and research into the relation between, sound, matter and landscape. The extremely contrasting environments all had one thing in common: it seemed like all these places had been frozen in time, as if coagulated in the middle of a metamorphosis. Looking into processes hidden below the surface, Vibrant Matter explores the relationship between the unfolding landscape and its observer like a time lapse. While the visible environment appears static to the eye; below the surface are continuous and ongoing processes, tensions and movements that can be measured, recorded and articulated through sound.

Concept and realisation: Els Viaene
Electronics and programming: Jan Wante
Sound advice: Johan Vandermaelen, Carsten Stabenow

This artwork is a production by Werktank
Collaboration: KIKK
With the support of the Flemish authorities and CultuurCulture



sept 2015 - exhibition
PLUNC, Lisbon (PT)
The Mamori Expedition was part of the new Portuguese festival PLUNC.

More info here


"Meanwhile ... The City" - exhibition
Laznia (PL) - Nucleo (BE)
19 March - 12 April

sound-installation: Timekabinet

gdanskmix2.jpg timekabinet.jpg timekabinet.jpg

There is a time ball on the lighthouse in Nowy Port, Gdańsk. The first device of that kind in the district dates back to 1876. Before the introduction of radio communication, time balls were an important optical signal for the sailors. They could calibrate their on-board chronometers and position their ships along the lines of longitude at sea. It is an ingenious system that works by the means of electromagnets and time signals. A long history precedes the arrival of the time ball.

Timekabinet is a sound installation that evokes other worlds, ancient times, the vast sea and journeys of exploration by means of a paper map and a spherical magnet.
video documentation