Solo Exhibition: 7th March - 21st April 2019
Solo exhibition at Bon Accueil showing Vibrant Matter, Timekabinet and an installation version of A Point In Time.
Curator: Damien Simon

Exhibition: 26th April - 12th May 2019
Vibrant Matter part of Interstice Festival

Sound Performance: 5th May 2019
A Point In Time, a binaural sound performance at the Oscillations Festival
Curator: Q-O2 - Interfaces Network


Radio Broadcast:
Kunstradio at ORF 1 (AT) made a special broadcast on my work with a live recording of my latest creation, the binaural live performance A point in Time (performed at Alte Schmiede Vienna) and some older work. LISTEN HERE
Producer: Elisabeth Zimmermann

Artistic Research: Sound as vibration
In this research i want to investigate sound at its source, the moment it is shaped, sound as a physiological phenomenon (a vibration, a wave, a variation in air pressure). 'Shaping' and 'appearing' are in this research two important concepts. How can i shape sound into matter which manifests itself as a tangible, visible medium?

This research is funded by the Flemish Government


Exhibition: 19th Oct - 4th Nov 2018
Vibrant Matter part of "Sound Art To Object"
Curator: Joost Fonteyne

Sound/Dance Performance: 4th Nov 2018
Silent Ghost at festival 'Gent Bougement'

Sound Performance: 30th Nov 2018
A Point In Time, a binaural sound performance at Stromschiene Series in Alte Schmiede Vienna. Kunstradio made a special broadcast on this performance and some older creations: LISTEN HERE.
Curator: Volkmar Klien (Stromschiene Series) - Elisabeth Zimmermann (Kunstradio)