Vibrant Matter
Sound Installation 2016

This artwork is a production by Werktank. In collaboration with KIKK. With the support of the Flemish authorities and the Cultural Cooperation Agreement between the Flemish and the French Community.

Premiere: KIKK festival 3 nov - 12 nov
Next: Imal 17 nov - 18 dec


A trip to Iceland forms the origin of this project and research into the relation between, sound, matter and landscape. The extremely contrasting environments all had one thing in common: it seemed like all these places had been frozen in time, as if coagulated in the middle of a metamorphosis.
Looking into processes hidden below the surface, Vibrant Matter explores the relationship between the unfolding landscape and its observer like a time lapse. While the visible environment appears static to the eye; below the surface are continuous and ongoing processes, tensions and movements that can be measured, recorded and articulated through sound.