Courant d'Air
installation performance | François Martig & Els Viaene


During our residency at Q-O2 François Martig and i were interested in exploring further how to install and perform sound in space without ignoring the visual presence of that space. We made a slot in the wall through which people could observe an empty landscape. A void in space and time while aural landscapes unfolded themself very slowly. In looking through the slot one could feel a slight breeze.

By the use of transducers attached to the thin wooden wall sounds seemed to come from everywhere and nowhere while at the same time you could feel their vibrations through the wall.

Afterwards a concert was performed within the installation. Also here the aspect of time was important. The concert took place during the transition from day to evening. As the darkness fell in sounds shifted from the installation wall to the rest of the space. By placing the loudspeakers in the spaces surrounding the performance space the public felt completely immersed in an 'unvisible' landscape of sounds.



Sound file of the installation